Decorating bras for breast cancer awareness

Local event aims to raise awarness and promote early screening for breast cancer.


andy bras,

sequin bras
and beaded bras. The items added to these bras are things you typically wouldn't see on an ordinary bra.



t's almost like Christmas when people start bringing these bras in," said, Founder of Amarillo Breast Health Coalition, Leticia Goodrich.

This past weekend, the Process Art House located in Downtown Amarillo


held a
second annual art exhibit and show in support of breast cancer.

The event featured artistic bras, a silent auction and even a fashion show




hey make bras to express their journey or their setiment about breast cancer and especially the survivors tell their journey of breast cancer," said Founder of Amarillo Breast Health Coalition, Leticia Goodrich.

Every bra showcased
a different color and creation. Every bra is a self-expression and personal story of breast cancer.

A purple bra proudly displayed was decorated by a three year cancer survivor. For Debby Carey, it was her husband
who volunteered her for the event.

"I was given a purple bra and wasn't quite sure what to do," said Debby Carey.

While it was the second year for this event, the group has been decorating bras for seven years now. The purpose is to raise awareness and honor every hard fought battle.

For many like Debby Carey, it's a celebration of survivorship.