Deceased Border Patrol agent becomes focus of kidnapping, assault case


The head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is calling the kidnappings and assault of three people in South Texas "serious and disturbing."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes agent Esteban Manzanares, who was later found dead, is responsible for the assault of the Honduran females, two of them minors.

CBP commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said Friday that that kind of action is not representative of the Border Patrol's agents.

Authorities found two women Wednesday night who had escaped from an attacker, and a search led them to Manzanares' home. Authorities heard gunshots, and when they entered Manzanares' home they found him dead and rescued the third girl.


The FBI says a Border Patrol agent found dead in South Texas is the focus of an investigation prompted by the kidnapping and assault of three females.

Both the FBI and U.S. Customs and Border Protection released few details Thursday on events that unfolded the night before. The CBP says authorities encountered an injured woman who told them that she and the two others had been attacked by a man. Authorities then later found the second injured female.

The investigation took authorities early Thursday to the Mission home of the agent, who was found dead. The third female was found there.

The FBI says the three victims are not U.S. citizens. They were being treated Thursday for injuries.