Debra McCartt will not seek reelection as Amarillo's Mayor

Mayor Debra McCartt announces she will not run for reelection

UPDATE: Debra McCartt says she will not seek reelection as mayor of Amarillo. She says in her time as mayor she has seen some wonderful things in Amarillo and had a chance to serve with some amazing people, both elected officials and city employees. She says it's been a privelege to serve as mayor. She's come to understand it has been a calling for her because of her passion for people and her passion to serve.

During the press conference she went on to say it was a very hard decision to make, but it's time for a change. She says she's looking forward to seek out new challenges, and can't wait to see what's ahead for her.

It took her several months to come to the decision. During that time she looked at what she had accomplished, and if those accomplishments were what she wanted when she first ran. She also spoke with her family a got their thoughts before making up her mind.

She also stated that, Ron Boyd and Madison Scott's decision to not seek reelection as city commissioners did affect her decision.

McCartt has served as Amarillo's mayor since 2005.

The filing period for city elections starts on February 14th, and runs to March 14th. The citizens of Amarillo will take to the polls on May 14th to elect city leaders.

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Paul Harpole has now made his intentions clear, he plans to run for Amarillo Mayor.

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Will Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt be seeking reelection this year?

McCartt will be making that announcement Tuesday afternoon at 10:00 a.m. on KGNC.

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