Deaf Smith Sheriff: Inmate found dead in cell

Texas Rangers are investigating a inmate death, while in custody.

Deaf Smith County officials are reporting that an inmate was found dead in his cell, Wednesday morning.

In a phone call to Sheriff J. Dale Butler he said that jail staff found the inmate unresponsive. Texas Rangers were brought to the scene to investigate the death in custody.

Pronews 7 called Justice of the Peace, Judge Karen Boren. She confirmed she pronounced the inmate dead at 11:43 am and ordered an autopsy.

The man was being held on charges of DWI, but also had other warrants, including failure to appear, bond surrender and a possession of marijuana.

Preliminary autopsy results showed no signs of physical trauma or injury were seen. The final autopsy and toxicology reports will take several more weeks.

The family has been notified of the death, but the name is being withheld to the public until the investigation is complete.