DAWGS has been open for 10 years and just had 7,500th adoption

DAWGS, Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary, was started ten years ago.

They are a no kill, non-profit and run on donations and some grants.

"The shelter started in 2003 by my classroom students. They had asked the question why the animals had to die and was there something they could do. So we started a no kill shelter and we've taken in over 8,500 animals and we've adopted out 7,500," said Diane Trull, founder of DAWGS.

This organization gets v

olunteers come from all over

the county, even as far as Colorado.


ight now, they have about seven hundred fifty dogs
in their shelter ranging from puppies to adult dogs.


hey just recently had their
7,500th adoption.

Trull said the average stay for a dog in the shelter is six months.

The animals can be adopted at the shelter or at Petsmart and Petco on Saturdays.