Dashcam captures Texas police officer saving woman from oncoming train

Officer Ramon Morales pulled a woman off the train tracks just moments before the train went rushing by.

CNN -- A dashcam video shows a Texas police officer responding to a report of a woman lying on railroad tracks with a train speeding toward her.

Although police officers often put themselves in harm's way for others, the dashcam technology allows hair-raising moments like these to be caught on camera.

Early Sunday morning, a citizen flagged down Richmond police officer Ramon Morales and told him that a woman was sitting on the tracks.

He flipped on the overhead lights in his patrol car, which automatically turned on his dash camera.

He arrived at just as the crossing arms at the intersection were going down.

Ignoring the oncoming train, he can be seen on camera springing into action.

Officer Morales grabs the woman under the arms and drags her off the track just seconds before the train comes rushing by.

The woman was taken to a local hospital for assessment.