Dallam County Sheriff: Marijuana arrests up 15%

Since Colorado legalized marijuana last November, Highway 87 South is fast becoming a bust for drivers bringing pot into Texas.ã??

The Dallam County Sheriff says the number of marijuana arrests have gone up about 15%. Many of those involve people carrying prescription pot, but much of it involves felony amounts. Many of the offenders are college age men and women. "They get upset when they get caught, " says Sheriff Bruce Scott, "especially when theyâ??ve got an order for a whole dorm."ã??

The City of Dalhart is also seeing a rise in the number of busts. Lieutenant Mike Ford of the Dalhart Police Department says, "We donâ??t have the loads we get traveling on the highway, but there is an increased presence of marijuana."ã??

Dallam and Hartley County taxpayers are also having to pay for the increase in prosecutions.