Dalhart woman admits to having hoarding problem

The woman whose animals were seized in Vale Do Oro in December and in Dalhart a week ago is speaking out.

She said she admits errors and should have taken better care of the animals, but, she sa


, there have been many rumors about her that are not true, for example, that she had stolen dogs.

She admits a horse was found dead in a trailer in her driveway,

but she said it had been Euthanized earlier in the day and she was waiting for another vehicle to take the horse to another place to be disposed of.

She sa


, "I did do some things wrong and I will take blame for what was wrong because not everything was completely taken care of here. And I will take the blame for that, but as far as being, everything that has been going on, and the rumors and everything, my name is being drug through the mud."

She sa


she has a hoarding problem.

"I do have a little bit of an animal hoarding problem. I should say a lot of an animal hoarding problem.

And it's been ongoing throughout my life and this has been a wake up call to say, okay, enough is enough."

The Dalhart Police Department sa


they will determine this week if animal cruelty charges will be filed against her.

The Dallam County Sheriff will have a hearing January 29th to determine if charges will be filed in another animal cruelty case involving several horses.