Dalhart Jr. High School implements a robotics program

School districts across the state are continuously looking for ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Dalhart Junior High School did that by implementing a LEGO Robotics Program.

When the doors open at Dalhart Junior High School in a few weeks, it will be their second year to kick off their LEGO Robotics Program. The program is teaching students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Pronews 7 is featuring it in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

"They're digital natives so they don't live really a day of their life without an app and any type of technology," said 6th Grade Technology teacher, Colette Moorhouse.

That very reason is why school district's like Dalhart are getting creative when it comes to integrating that technology into the classroom. A grant by the Dalhart Education Foundation bought 20 LEGO robotic sets.

"We began just actually learning the pieces the motors, the axles, the frames, and we moved into building them, putting them together," said Moorhouse.

The students even learned to program the robots to do various tasks.

"The programs they have different bars they have advanced, beginning, and bars make it go forward, backwards and any sounds," said 7th grader, Caxton Moorhouse.

But they said they found it challenging.

"To figure out how exactly how to make them do certain things like it was hard for me to figure out how to do the figure 8, but once I figured out I got it done I just kept trying to make it better," said 7th grader, Kyler Sullivan.

The school hopes to continue the robotics program even making it a summer camp.