Dalhart focuses on bridge

Newly elected Dalhart Mayor, Kurtis Thomas says heâ??s determined to tackle the bridge issue.

"Itâ??s been picked up and dropped and picked up and dropped and weâ??re not going to let that happen again," he says.

"Itâ??s a safety problem. I would venture to say at least once a month we have some kind of a vehicle accident down there."

The 13-foot, seven-inch bridge is scarred by the accidents.

Thomas says, "Itâ??s a huge expense to the city in personnel and time. Our EMT and our Police Department, our Fire Department goes down there. Theyâ??ve helped on numerous occasions."

The city has created a Bridge Repair Committee to look into options and work with TX-Dot. The bridge is near a major highway intersection and Union Pacific owns the right of way.

Tx-Dot says they gave the city some funds to hire a consultant to facilitate the discussion of the committee.

City Manager James Stroud says, "Weâ??re hoping if the state releases some of the rainy day funds, if we have a design phase, and weâ??re eligible, we can apply for those."