Dalhart baby found in dumpster

The baby found Saturday evening in a dumpster in Dalhart is in critical condition in a local hospital.


The hospital is reporting that Brooks, the baby found in a dumpster in Dalhart, has improved from critical to serious condition.


The case continues to be investigated with other persons of interest included as well. The 21-year-old had been living at home with her parents at the time of the incident. The police still do not know the father of the baby.

There are several 'Safe Drop-Off' points in the city of Dalhart due to the Baby Moses law or the Safe-Haven law. This allows for people to leave an unharmed infant in these locations as a surrender with no questions asked. Those locations are the EMS building, the Sheriff's Office, or the Emergency Room of the local hospital.

They are assuming the mother of the child was around 35 weeks into her pregnancy and the newborn was not yet 24 hours old. The child is still in critical condition in the hospital.

"This investigation continues and if we find anyone else that was involved in this or tried to cover this up, rest assured they will be charged and put in jail just like she was," said Gary Sinclair, the Dalhart Police Chief.


The baby found Saturday evening in a dumpster in Dalhart is in critical condition in a local hospital.

A Dalhart resident found a baby boy in a dumpster in between the 1800 block of Oak Ave. and the 1700 block of Chestnut on Saturday night at 7:05 p.m. It's estimated that the baby had been in the dumpster for five to six hours.

Lifestar was dispatched just after 7:40 p.m.

The baby boy was taken to the hospital immediately. The baby remains in critical condition in NICU. He was less than 24 hours old when he was found.

His mother, Shonnie Smalley, 21, of Dalhart gave birth at 35 weeks outside of a hospital facility. She was arrested Sunday morning. She's been charged with endangerment of a child, a first-degree felony. She is currently being held with a $50,000 bail.

Child Protective Services is involved in this matter.

Texas is a Safe Haven state.

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