Cyclists gather for annual ride of silence

Cyclists gathered together Wednesday for the ninth annual Ride of Silence to honor cyclists that have lost their lives on public roadways.

More than 300 riders showed up for the seven mile journey through Amarillo. The ride started at the Washington Street Campus at Amarillo College.

Family members and friends of the 13 Panhandle riders that lost their lives came out to speak their names and keep their spirits alive. Anna Isom lost her husband last year while they were riding together and were hit from behind by a truck.

â??Itâ??s definitely an honor and itâ??s a powerful message to see our bicycles,â?? said Isom.

The bicycles that she and her husband rode the night of the accident were displayed to help spread awareness. Isom said she hopes that seeing the bicycles will bring the message to people to watch out and pay attention on the roads.

â??I took my helmet off because I would like drivers to realize that thereâ??s a face behind those weird looking helmets and sunglasses,â?? said Shawn Twing, another cyclist who was also with a friend when they lost their lives while on a ride. â??These are your neighbors, these are the people you live with, work with. Please just watch out for them.â??

Ride of Silence takes place the third Wednesday of every May. There were 367 rides of silence staged across the world.

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