Cycling advocate killed

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A uthorities sayon Saturday morning around 8:20, 24-year-old Gaige Sippy was traveling southbound on US 87, 8.9 miles south of Canyon in the right lane. Cynthia Whitneyof Amarillo, was bicycling southbound in the right lane of US 87 south of Canyon. The group was riding three abreast from Canyon to Happy.

According to Sippy he became distracted by his cell phone which had fallen, and reached down to grab it. After picking up his cell he saw the group of bicyclist in front of him. He attempted to avoid the collision with the bicyclists and swerved to the left but was unable to avoid the collision.

Whitney who was the left most bicyclist riding near the center stripe was struck from behind and thrown to the shoulder of the roadway. The vehicle came to a stop in the median of US 87.

Whitney was pronounced dead at the scene, she was wearing her helmet.

Charges are pending the conclusion of the investigation.

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People across the panhandle are reacting after a cyclist advocate for safety was killed in the sport she loved to do.

53-year-old Cynthia Whitney was riding her bicycle in a group on Saturday morning.

DPS said at 8:22 a.m. 24 year old male was driving a truck on US 87 at Hungate road. They said he somehow lost concentration and accidentally hit her.

Whitney was a long time cyclists and cycling advocate.