Curry County voters go to polls again over jail

As of Friday, when early voting for the Curry County Bond Election closed, there were 845 votes, a record for the county.

It may point to how much voters feel the issue is important.

The present Curry County Detention Center has been the focus of much scrutiny following some high profile escapes and resignations.

The County wants voters to approve money for a new facility at a cost of $9.8 million.

Curry County Commissioner Ben McDaniel says, "We have a lot of prisoners we canâ??t classify properly. Theyâ??re all together and we donâ??t have enough space."

The new center would be just east of the landfill.

Proponent Jacque Wuest says, "We donâ??t have the space. Clovis is growing. The drug problem is growing."

Opponent Randy Pruit says the County hasnâ??t thought how it would be ultimately funded.

The final cost would be an estimated $3.5 million.

Pruit says, "They donâ??t have the funding to do the whole jail. I donâ??t think theyâ??ve thought it through."

McDaniel says they can dip into cash reserves.

If the project is approved, the City of Clovis will annex the property, ensuring the availability of infrastructure.