C.R.M.W.A. in negotiations to buy Pickens' water rights

Most residents here in the Panhandle are familiar with T. Boone Pickens and his company Mesa Water. They have been purchasing water rights here in the Texas Panhandle for years. The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority or C.R.M.W.A. is currently in negotiations to buy Pickens' water rights.

The amount is substantial, C.R.M.W.A. is looking to buy 2-hundred thousand acres of water rights, currently they own 266-thousand acres, so this purchase would almost double C.R.M.W.A.'s holdings.

"The board is just trying to look to the future and this water is available now, as you well know when groundwater is sold it's gone especially if it we're to be purchased by some city far away and they're just trying to protect our interest and keep a good water supply for the region for years to come," said Kent Satterwhite, C.R.M.W.A, General Manager.

Even Satterwhite admitted that no one knows where the negotiations will go and what will come out of the offer. Wednesday the C.R.M.W.A board looked at where they are in the negotiations and what direction they need to go in next.