Critter Camp pushes for more pet adoptions

Pet grooming and boarding service center Critter Camp is offering free adoptions to encourage residents to adopt new pets. They will also open a dog park this Saturday.

Critter Camp opened in 1995 and since then has been dedicating to giving rescues a home. But recently, their capacity for rescues in the shelter is even more than usual and they are begging for residents to adopt.

"You know there are so many places and so many dogs," said Terilynn Salizar, general manager of Critter Camp. "And you just know that in three days, after they hit the pound, that they're going to die so we pull as many as we can. Traditionally, about 25 percent of our space has gone to the rescue dogs."

Right now, Critter Camps is offering around 20 dogs and 20 puppies without any adoption fee. They said it is costing them around $75-$80 per pet, but they are still willing to do so just to ensure the pets find a home.

"We just absorb the cost. Our clients are very generous, we do a lot of fundraising," said Salazar. "We don't spend money on advertising. We've always said all of our advertising money goes to rescue dogs. I've got an adoption jug set up in the office always... we just keep doing it that way."

Critter Camp has also absorbed the cost on another major project. They have plans to open a dog park this Saturday. The park has cost them upwards of $50,000, but they encourage anyone and everyone in the community to use it from daybreak to dark.

"You know, Critter Camp has been well taken care of by the community. We're popular, we have great clients, we make a good living for all of us, and we try to give back to the community in any way that we can, which is a part of the rescue too," said Salazar. "We're appreciative of the people of Amarillo and Canyon and we wanted to show them."