Crime in the Panhandle: Different crimes for different sheriffs

Crimes throughout the Panhandle differ depending where you may live and what kind of issues affect your area.

In Hutchinson County, Sheriff Don Johnson states that one of his biggest issues has been dealing with copper thefts. "It doesn't matter if it's in the house, air conditioning units," said Johnson. "Anything that has copper in it, they go in and tear it apart, strip the copper out and then they go to these metal recycling and they sell it."

Johnson believes that this is a localized issue because surrounding areas haven't experienced the same problem. In the month of January alone, Hutchinson County has been the only one getting hit. But he states that the community has been very helpful in providing information and tips.

The people that have been arrested for this has typically be people in their thirties and have been involved in the use of meth and marijuana. "We don't have any doubt about that because some of the names we're getting through the great vine are well known drug users," said Johnson.

While Sheriff Johnson battles finding suspects, Sheriff Brian Thomas of Potter County has a different battle to tackle, crime prevention.

His department set a goal in January of last year to get more deputies into residential areas. Sheriff Thomas credits the decrease in crime in Potter County on that presence. "It makes the neighborhood feel good," he said. "They like to see the policemen out there."

Whether in Hutchinson County or within Amarillo city limits, law enforcement ensures that they are doing what needs to be done to keep the area safe.