Crews fighting a new fire between Amarillo and Canyon

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Update Thursday 9:55a T he fire near Ceta Canyon is still not under control. Danny Alexander of Randall County says planes are starting to fly now. The fire is now in the canyon where they can't get to it with traditional crews.

Crews from California and Utah have now been brought in to help.

Richards said the fire by Sunday Canyon is in a similar situation.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is not open at this time, but officials say they are hopeful it will open tomorrow.

Update Thursday 9:35a P ronews 7 has learned that the fire is now 50 percent contained. So far, it has burned 16,373 acres.

60 homes have been threatened and one has been lost. Palo Duro State Park, Ceta Canyon Church Camp and Hidden Falls Church Camp had evacuations.

The fire is now three miles southwest of Canyon.

The Los Diablos handcrew from Big Bend and an Arkansas handcrew have been ordered for this fire.

Update Thursday 7:15a Updated with video

Update Wednesday 6:25p Pronews 7 has confirmed that Ceta Canyon and Sunday Canyon will remain closed for the night. The situation will be re-evaluated Thursday morning.

Update Wednesday 5:28p Pronews 7 has confirmed Sunday Canyon remains evacuated.

Update Wednesday 4:00p Danny Alexander of Randall County says the fire is still not under control and it continues to spread to the south. Crews are working to save a home on Eastern, Alexander said.

FM 217 in Randall County is now open to traffic. Motorists should be aware of smoke over the roadway in the area as wildfires continue to burn. Update Wednesday 2:30p F ire officials have confirmed the fire was running south. The Texas Forest Service continues to help in the efforts and give breaks to the volunteers who have been fighting the fire all day.

No more evacuations are taking place at this time and officials say as far as they know, Ceta Canyon Camp Area is okay.

Update Wednesday 12:00p U nits from Hoover, Pampa, Lefors, Wayside, Claude, Borger and Happy have all been called in to help fight the fire.

Randall County, Amarillo and Canyon Fire Departments continue to help contain the fire.

Officials say the south part of the fire is now contained.

Update Wednesday 11:00a Pronews 7 has confirmed some kids were evacuated from Ceta Canyon.

Update Wednesday 9:40a F ire continues to burn near Palo Duro Canyon. It has now broken out on the south plank.

Ceta Canyon is being evacuated and officials are attempting to verify that no one is in the area. Officials say the fire is heading that direction.

It is now estimated that the fire has burned 8,500 acres. Amarillo Fire Department, Canyon Fire Department and Randall County are all sending units.

Update Wednesday 8:25a Pronews 7 has confirmed the fire near Palo Duro Canyon is now 50 percent contained.

Kevin Starbuck, Emergency Operations Managers, says the fire started near I-27 and Cemetery Road. Currently, a few Canyon and Randall County units are working the fire. Most crews have now been sent home.

Nearly 5,000 acres burned last night, according to Starbuck. He says the fire may have expanded some overnight. Since the winds have died down since last night, he doesn't expect to find the fire expanded much.

Texas Forest Service will be bringing in assets today and will handle the response throughout the day. Later Wednesday, County units will take control if necessary.

As for a cause of the grassfire, officials are still looking into the origin.

Update Wednesday 7:50a Crews continue to battle the blaze near the Palo Duro Canyon, Pronews 7 confirmed. The Texas Forest Service is working to bring in more equipment to help extinguish the fire.

Update Wednesday 6a The Palo Duro Canyon fell victim to a large grassfire Tuesday evening resulting in the area being evacuated. The fire continues to burn this morning.

Emergency Management tells Pronews 7 the evacuation order for Palo Duro Canyon State Park and Sunday Canyon was in place overnight. People who were evacuated were asked to go to the Cole Community Center or the First Baptist Church in Canyon.

Strong wind gusts throughout the evening help fuel the blaze. Heavy smoke could be seen from far away in Canyon city limits and Amarillo.

Update Tuesday 11:10p Pronews 7 just got off the phone with the emergency operations center, crews continue to battle the fire burning near Sunday Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Fire crews are trying to contain the southern fire line and will continue to work overnight. The mandatory evacuations for Sunday Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon will stay in place overnight.

Update Tuesday 10:13p The American Red Cross is responding to the fire, they are providing the first responders with snacks and water. Businesses who would like to donate water or snacks are being asked to call the chapter at 806-376-6309 before coming by, the Chapter is located at 1800 S. Harrison.

Update Tuesday 9:55p Pronews 7 has confirmed the course of the fire did shift due to a change in the wind directions, it's now burning in a southerly route. The fire line is 2.7 miles long and is burning along the rim of Sunday Canyon and the Palo Duro Canyon. Our crews are told the fire did burn into some of the Palo Duro Canyon but not much. Evacuations are expected to continue overnight.

Update If anyone is worried about their family, they are being asked to call 806-655-7222.

Update Pronews 7 has confirmed the fire started at I-27 and Cemetary Road and quickly spread to the east. According to officials at the Emergency Management Office, 95% of the Palo Duro Canyon has been evacuated. Anyone who has been evacuated and needs a place to stay is being asked to go to the Cole Community Center in Canyon, 300 16th St Canyon.

Update Residents of Sunday Canyon are being asked to evacuate at this time and Palo Duro Canyon.

Update The Emergency Command Center is being set up at I-27 and Cemetery RoadOriginally reported Another fire has sparked in Randall County, this one between Amarillo and Canyon. Randall County officials advise everyone south of 217 and east of Washington to be aware of the fire. There have been talks of evacuating Sunday Canyon.

Pronews 7 does have crews on the way and will pass along updated information as it becomes available.