Craft show benefits Sharing Hope Ministry

Christmas is nearly two months away, but some people are already getting into the Christmas spirit of service and goodwill. Sharing Hope Ministry is hosting their annual "Christmas in November" Gift and Craft Show at the Amarillo Civic Center this weekend (Nov. 3-4). Since 1999, Sharing Hope Ministry has been helping women battling drug addictions and lives of crime make their transition into a positive and fulfilling life. They serve within prisons, providing bible studies, life skills, and mentoring free of charge for women who need a second chance at life. They also operate a transitional home in Amarillo called "Patsy's Place," which not only provides a supportive and encouraging environment, but also teaches residents essential skills like money management, job-hunting, and dealing with their own emotions. "Christmas in November is a fundraiser for Sharing Hope Ministry," says Executive Director April Riggs, "and what it does is help to provide us with the funds to provide all the bibles, the bible studies, and all the services that we offer to the women not only locally, but we provide our services to women in facilities in 43 states." If you'd like to donate, volunteer, or just learn more about Sharing Hope Ministry or Patsy's Place, follow the link attached to this story.