Court records: Tucumcari teen blacked out after killing sister

Court documents tell a grim story of a domestic fight turned deadly for a family in Tucumcari. But a heroic action of a brother prevents more tragedy.

A Tucumcari teen is being charged in the deaths of two family members. The teen confessed to police investigators but gave no reason for his actions.

The teen claimed he blacked out and was unable to remember his actions.

New Mexico State Police investigators and the Tenth Judicial District Attorney's office are investigating the homicides.

According to court documents Officer Mark Jackson responded to a 911 call where a homicide was reported at 4407 Quay Road 63.

Jackson observed two deceased individuals and several other family members the mobile home. A teen was identified as the suspect who had killed the two people.

According to the court documents, Mike Day, the father of the teen, along with another child and an infant were in the home when Jackson arrived.

Mike Day told Jackson that the teen had shot his wife, Sue Day, with a rifle.

Jackson handcuffed the teen and informed him of his rights, then began questioning him about what happened, according to the court documents.

The teen said he stabbed his sister, Sherry Folts, and he blacked out and did not remember anything else.

Jackson took the teen into custody and transferred him to the Tucumcari New Mexico State Police Office. Questioning continued by Agent Chester Bobbit according to the documents.

Bobbit conducted a separate interview with another witness to the incident. The witness said that the suspect teen came into his room and said he had killed their sister. The teen also said that he had to kill the others and got a .22 rifle and shot their mother.

According to the documents that the witness said he grabbed the rifle from the suspect and hit him in the face, knocking out several teeth.

Police investigators obtained search warrants for the house and began an investigation of the homicide scene.