Couple fights cancer together

A husband and wife saying a big thank you this new year to a physician who helped save both their lives. Believe it or not they are both breast cancer survivors.

While on vacation Patty Stump discovered a lump in her husband Mike Shroder's chest. Mike later went in to see a physician and discovered he had breast cancer, which he later had surgery to remove and has not come back. A few years later Patty went in for a routine mammogram and discovered she had breast cancer, too. She received surgery and radiation, but hers did come back and required the same treatment.

Since then, sharing this journey has become important to them for two reasons. They not only want others to know the true meaning of in sickness and in health and supporting each other but also, that both men and women can get breast cancer. In fact, there is a 30% chance that a male will carry the BRCA2 gene mutation, according to Dr. Elizabeth Shaughnessy. Dr. Shaughnessy says while male breast cancer is certainly not common genetic testing may be recommended