County moves to ease the discord in Darrouzett

Today, Lipscomb County terminated the contract for firefighting services with the Darrouzett Volunteer Fire Department.

In move that signals that they are finally bowing to public pressure, the Lipscomb County Commission has finally acted, and decided to stop doing business with the Darrouzett Volunteer Fire Department led by Jimmie Wilmoth. The small town of Darrouzett had been home to two volunteer fire departments prior to this decision, because of ongoing problems between the city and the old fire department. Pronews 7 first reported that there was discord in Darrouzett over allegations of misappropriation of funds by the volunteer fire department, and that citizens were outraged that the county continued to fund the department that was allegedly wasting public money, and charging for services that were never rendered. Today, the mayor of Darrouzett told Pronews 7 that she is very pleased with the countyâ??s decision.

â??We're very encouraged by the 5-0 unanimous decision by the Lipscomb County Comissioners Court to terminate its contract with the Darrouzett Volunteer Fire Department,â?? said Sandy Woods, the mayor of Darrouzett.â?? â??We now know that the flow of county tax dollars has been stopped and this is a good thing for Lipscomb County.â??

The mayor also added that she is working hard to make sure that the town is ready to respond to and put out grass fires that threaten public safety. For now, the Texas Forest Service and the District Attorneyâ??s office continue to investigate the allegations of misappropriation of funds by Mr. Wilmoth and the now defunct volunteer fire department. Next, Lipscomb County will now work to get its firefighting equipment back, which may turn out to be a lengthy and complicated process.