Coulter Walmart to hire 100 during store remodel

The Walmart on Coulter is undergoing renovations and expects to hire about 100 new associates. / File Photo


N ew jobs on the horizon in Amarillo as the Walmart on Coulter gets a new look, a full remodel outside and in.

T he new design is based on feedback from customers and will feature a clean, open and bright new look in the store.

I t will also feature a new layout designed to make shopping for everyday items easier and faster.

B ut the most important thing is that this remodel has created 1 00 new jobs.

"W e actually have three shifts for the remodel, 40 associates for the first shift, 30 associates for the second shift and 30 associates for the over night shift. Some of it's just for the remodel, but some of those associates have the potential of being kept on with the establishment," said Ronald Boyce, Store Manager.

T he store will remain open during the renovations, including all departments and services , with the completion and grandshowing coming in May.

For more information on how to apply stop by the Walmart on Coulter.


Approximately 100 people could be hired while the Coulter Walmart is being remodeled.

According to a media advisory, the new store began extensive renovation March 6. Improvements include a new layout, wider aisles, low-profile shelving, bright interior paint scheme, enhanced lighting and easy-to-read signage.

During the renovation, the store says it is hiring about 100 associates to help. The Coulter Walmart has served residents for more than 25 years.