Convicted cattle rustler wants to be hanged

It's almost something you'd see in an old Western.

A man requesting to be hanged and it's happening in Hardeman County.

According to the Texas Tribune , Roddy Dean Pippin, 27, a convicted cattle rustler has asked to be hanged in the Hardeman County Square rather than going to prison.

"Movant desires to die with his boots and spurs on and without his face covered, for he wishes to see the lights go out at high noon," Pippin wrote in an unusual and melodramatic motion he filed June 30 in the Hardeman County District Court , according to the Texas Tribune.

Pippin was convicted of stealing cattle and was sentenced to four consecutive two-year state jail terms back in 2004. He is currently serving time at Carole S. Young unit, a medical facility. He has a severe and rare form of diabetes.

Currently, Pippin is in a disagreement with jail officials because of his length of stay. He says he should have been released last month but the Texas Department of Criminal Justice says he should stay in custody until January 2013. Pippin argues he should get credit for two years he served on "shock probation," house arrest,

Pippin is now waiting for a decision from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

According to the newspaper, Pippin wants the State to use the money that would be spent to take care of him in jail to go toward education, public health services and caring for the elderly.

In his motion to be hanged, Pippin has eight conditions to his hanging. He wants to wear his boots and spurs and wants to help build the device on which he would hang. Additionally, he wants to be hanged while sitting in a saddle on his horse. Pippin has two young children and requests to spend two hours with them before he would be executed.

There are only two crimes punishable by the death penalty in Texas, according to Texas Penal Code. Murder and "aggravated sexual assault of child committed by someone previously convicted of aggravated sexual assault of child." are the only capital crimes in Texas.

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