Controversial documentary comes to Amarillo

Texas Highway signs that lead to the "Murder Capital of the World" according to documentarian Charlie Minn.

Director Charlie Minn visited Amarillo College promoting his new documentary "Murder Capital of the World", a film focusing on the drug cartels influence in Mexico. But Minn believes a lot of the violence can be blamed on Mexico's neighbor to the North.

"The United States is murdering Mexico, because of our illegal drug use and all our weapons that are flowing into Mexico," said Minn. "The weapons and the cash are going South, and the drugs are coming North."

Minn showed a clip to the Amarillo College class, which quickly sparked a fierce debate. For some students, the message really hit home.

"Family means everything, just the loss of people, losing their loved ones," said Anjelita Campolla, Amarillo College student. "It's just awful, really hard to think about." So far Minn says his film has been well received.

"I've had mexican people come up to me and be crying, saying thank you for making the film it's about time," said Minn. "How do you get around over 60,000 dead in the country since the drug war began?"

The documentary is the second in a three part series focusing on drug violence in Juarez, Mexico, and opens at United Artist this Friday.