Consumer Confidential: Choosing the right boarding facility

Whether it's that week-long vacation or a weekend ski trip, boarding your pets can help them avoid the stress of a long trip to where you're going. Here are some tips on how to pick the right boarding facility, especially if you've never done that before.

Branna Shores did the research for her dog Riley. She was worried about him a little bit because Riley is an adopted dog. And she shopped for a place that actually did temperament testing before he was integrated with other dogs. At Amarillo's Canine Country Club, owner Angie Payne said her staff will do a lot of different things to make sure the dogs are less anxious.

You'll want to ask any prospective boarder what else they might do for *your* pet if he's not doing well.

One thing you ought to do is check out the facility in person, and take your four-legged friend with you.

And ask questions, too, like -- do you offer cageless options? How are the cages or rooms cleaned? And how often are the pets let out for exercise?

When Branna Shores and her husband picked Riley up, they knew they had made a good choice in kennels.

Angie Payne said it's important that your pets are up to date on their vaccinations. And she wants to make sure you have realistic expectations when it comes to health problems like kennel cough, no matter how clean the grounds are.