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      Congressman Thornberryâ??s office hosts service academy forum for high school students

      U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberryâ??s office hosted its annual service academy forum for high school students Saturday and had representatives from the Air Force and Army present.

      The forum targeted juniors and seniors interested in pursuing an education at a United States service academy.

      To be eligible to attend an academy, students must be 17 years old, a U.S. citizen and unmarried.

      Students sat in on a PowerPoint presentation, but Thornberryâ??s office said the most important part is to have the one on one experience with representatives from these academies.

      â??I think it evokes more trust to have someone who has been there and can give them the hones answer that they are looking for,â?? Caleb Pool, a representative from Thornberryâ??s office, said. â??And to help guide them through the process, as well as our office is available to help students.â??

      Rep. Thornberry is allowed to nominate a limited number of students for each service academy each year.