Concerns over E15 fuel rise as summer approaches

The U.S. Court of Appeals recently denied appeals to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to approve E15, or fuel with 15% ethanol, as the percentage of ethanol rises from 10%.

Amarillo Outdoor Power Equipment said with the introduction of E15, misfueling and product failures are in the future for potential E15 users.They said lawnmowers, boats, and motorcycles are subject to low mileage and damage to engines.

"With E15 right now there is not a piece of lawn equipment or recreational equipment that will run with E15," said Mark Huber of Amarillo Outdoor Power Equipment. "Manufacturers are at a loss right now as to how to compensate and make their vehicles or their lawn equipment work with E15."

Parker Boats of Amarillo said they fear price increases for consumers as non-E15 models will have to adjust to changes, due to research and development. They said if you plan on using E15, they encourage the use of additives to fuel to ensure the safety of power equipment.

"It'll be the same way in the marine industry, and for lawnmowers and motorcycles, to combat the ethanol problem. The price will go up because the manufacturers do research and development, it's costs," said Eddy Parker of Parker Boats. "That cost is passed on to the consumer."

Parker Boats said the fuel blend can cause moisture in gas, causing problems to boat engines and corrosion to carburetors.


roups like the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Outdoor Power Equipment Institute have asked consumers to pay attention to their fuels when filling up to avoid the risk of severe engine damage.