Compassion the experience shows reality of child poverty

The Compassion Experience , â??Change the Story,â?? is an exhibit that offers visitors that chance to experience the plight of children firsthand, who grow up in poverty in every corner of the globe . This helps us in turn look examine our own way of life that many of us take for granted.

Today, Debra Cotto and her four children Josiah, Judah, Eliana, and Samuel took the time to walk through the "Change the

Story." Now she says that is glad that her children got to walk in the shoes of a child who is less fortunate than them.

â??I think it was really good just to see it in the true lifeâ??a real story from somebody,â?? said Debra Cotto. â??You see it on TV, you see advertisements, but you don't really see it directly from the source, so that was really eye opening.â??

Chelsea Vocal has been traveling with the exhibit for the past year. She showed Pronews 7 around the three different paths that a visitor is able to follow. Each one of them follows the life of a real child growing up that was sponsored by compassion, in three different countries: India, Uganda and Bolivia.

â??We take these experiences all over the country, so that people can have the opportunity to see what other countries are like,â?? said Chelsea Vocal a Compassion International employee. â??They say it's like going to another country without the plane ticket, because that's something not everyone can do.â??

Compassion International is an international child development ministry that aims to release children from poverty. Inspired by their faith in Christ, the organization touches 1.3 million children around the world and focuses on a holistic approach to empowerment through medical care, educational opportunities, and leadership development programs.

â??There so much need in this world,â?? Judy Stallwitz of Hillside Christian Church. â??People ask if they should help locally or globally, and what we want to do is present an opportunity for both.â??

Hillside Christian Churchâ??s West Campus says they want to help people globally, but also to act locally. They encourage their members to support local causes as well.

Change the story will be on Hillside Christian Churchâ??s West Amarillo campus until Monday. If youâ??d like to sponsor a child, please visit