Commute times double in 10 years for Amarillo drivers

An idea Amarillo drivers are warming up to...more traffic on the road.

According to U.S. Census, in 1990, the average commute time for drivers to get to work or back home was seven minutes, 10 years later, the time increased by a minute. The latest statistic shows it takes drivers 17 minutes to make the same commute. Drivers in Amarillo are seeing the most congestion on streets like Soncy, Coulter and Hollywood.

Lydia O'Rear who drives her son to daycare every morning said, "I've just noticed for a town this small, it surprises me how much traffic there is sometimes on the major streets like Soncy, and especially Coulter, especially where it's down to two lanes it can take a long time to get somewhere."

But what is the city planning to ease some of the traffic flow problems?

Traffic Commissioner Mark Nair said, "What the city is working on is the revitalization of downtown and that's the primary focus right now and then we'll look at the small things that are happening at different intersections."

Pronews 7 also reached out to our Facebook followers to see if they've noticed a difference in driving times, and they differed on their opinions.

"If you take a look at Bell, and how we optimize traffic flow, that is sometimes optimizing light patterns and that's what the City Traffic Engineer does," Nair said.


air also said the traffic commission just passed the idea of forming more turning lanes on Coulter and next on the list is Soncy.