Community Partners grant 33 teenagers with laptops

Through the support of community volunteers, donors and sponsors, a total of 33 teens aging out of child welfare care will have laptops to call their own.

"The community is excited to be able to give back and do something for these kids that a lot of times people think of the younger kids, and they don't think of the older kids that are aging out of care," said Community Partners Coordinator Stephanie Swindell.

15 of those 33 high school juniors and seniors live in Potter and Randall counties.

Friday evening they took home their brand new laptops. The other 18 students live in other areas and will receive theirs at later date, but the first batch of recipients was overwhelmed.

"I was ecstatic because you don't really ever hear of that happening," said Laptop Recipient Brittany Martinez. "This is the first time they've done it. My plans for using the laptop would be for college, for my neonatal nursing that I'm going to go into."

"I'm very excited because I'm going to start college," said Laptop Recipient Courtney Tucker. "And since I'm pregnant, I need to do online classes so I'm so very, very excited and grateful at that."

The community partners said they hope these laptops will help the teenagers be successful as they transition out of care, and into a new lifestyle.

"This will help them do homework, do research, apply for schools, keep in touch with their families, and just make it easier for them to continue their education," said Swindell.

Nearly twenty thousand dollars was invested in this. Next year, the community partners will focus on giving high school juniors laptops. The plan is they'll have them to use their whole senior year.