Community continues to support Juan's Project

      Saturday Juan Gallegos's friends and family hosted a fundraiser to increase finances for Juan's Project at Thompson Park.

      "We were sitting around one day, thinking about what we should all do for him," said Cousin of Juan, Pete Rocha. "We knew that he had started a remodel and since he got sick, we decided to pull together and just try and do something to help them out with their house."

      Little did they know, support came in from many directions.

      "All the community getting on board, we've really been able to do a lot more," said Friend of Juan Matt Kirkeeng. "We do need to get some funds, so this
      [fundraiser] is just a way to have fun, generate some and revenue."

      Saturday's event was open to the public, complete with food, games, and live music.

      "There are other people out there that need help," said Kelly Schmidt. "I think people can just volunteer their time, a little bit of time, a little bit of money, little bit of effort. It'll go a long way."

      Those at the event said everyone can relate to struggle, but with friends and the giving hearts of this community, Juan Gallegos won't have to fight this one on his own.

      "If you know Juan, or get to know him, you basically become part of his family," said Friend of Juan Miguel Sandoval. "That's why it was no question why we had to do what we're doing."

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