Community comes together to save Perryton's Christmas

Groups gathered to help load the trailer full of toys

Last week, some Grinch stole all the toys that were going to kids in Perryton who otherwise would have no Christmas. But cities from as far away as eastern New Mexico have lent a hand in the Panhandle Spirit.We thought this story wouldn't end with the Grinch returning all the toys, the way the book does, but who needs him when you have the support of the Panhandle?"We have the opportunity to help out the people that were a little less fortunate so we decided to pull all of our resources and do what we can to help out, especially when it's the season of giving,"said Tech Sgt. Cedric Smith, Cannon Air Force Base. They weren't the only ones who got into the giving act."Something had to be done. Obviously somebody did something really wrong and we just, we needed to get out and start collecting donations," said Dave Griminger, Patriot Guard Riders.Whoever stole those gifts may have thought they were going to bring Perryton down, but it in fact did the complete opposite."It all turned out for the best. We've gotten lots of money from lots of different people. Today we're down here in Amarillo picking up toys from as far away as Clovis, New Mexico and you really understand what the Christmas spirit is all about after this," said Tony Hill, Perryton Chief of Police.We here at ProNews 7 just want to say thank you to all those who gave donations, and know that you have done more than foil the Grinch's plans. You have given a lot of children a Christmas.And on the subject of the thefts, if you have any information about who that Grinch was, please call the Perryton Police at (806) 435-4002. The reward is up to $3,000 now if your information leads to an arrest.

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