Community baby shower for Curren Gomez

It's been 2 months since a tragic accident near Dalhart took Brie Gomez from her growing family. An emergency c-section was performed to save her 7 month old baby boy's life. Dalhart on Saturday held a community wide baby shower.

" T he f amilies in Dalhart are really important to us and Eric grew up here, Brie grew up here, both families are still here and it's just a community thing, we love them," said Kim Pack, baby shower hostess.

That love was evident at Saturday's baby shower. A room full of family and friends have rallied together to show love and support to a family still coping with the loss of a wife, mother, daughter, niece and friend.

" H earing the story you feel so helpless and you want to do anything you can do . S o a bunch of us ladies got together and just decided this is the least we can do, anything we can do to help out the family we wanted to do," said Kelly Behrent, baby shower hostess.

Baby Curren Gomez's older sisters and their grandmother's spent some time sorting through gifts that included adorable baby boy clothes to a sports theme nursery. The girls were even treated to special gifts as well. Curren has been fighting for his life with a few set backs. But the good news is he could be home as early as Monday. You can bet, not only will his 2 older sisters, father Eric, and immediate family be happy when that happens, but the entire Panhandle community that's been praying and supporting the Gomez family.

" A marillo has been incredible. I mean it's like Eric says it's the biggest small town he's ever lived in because people he doesn't even know have helped them. He feels from everywhere they're going to help him through this," said Alice White, Brie Gomez's Aunt.

If you would like to help the family. A fund has been set up at Happy State Bank. You can donate at the branch on Soncy.