Colorado Springs continues to fight devastating fire

Fire devastated neighborhoods throughout Colorado Springs

Thousands of residents throughout Colorado Springs are being forced from the place they call home.

More than 32,000 to be exact.

Derrick Bourgeois, his wife and two dogs were just some of the people evacuated because of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

"You could see the mountain up ahead and just the fire," Derrick said. "There was an inferno blazing and the smoke was just coming off in a hge plume."

Like many others, Derrick and his family were prepared.

"We were prepared since Sunday to evacuate if the order was given," he said. "We'd already packed up and just kind of laid it on the living room floor."

The Bourgeois family was able to take only minimal belongings with them. They headed to Cheyenne Mountain High School, one of four evacuee camp sites set up around Colorado Springs.

"We got cots, not the most comfortable things but you make do as best as you can," Derrick said.

Fortunately, groups like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army were also prepared for this.

"We feel like we are ready for that kind of event," American Red Cross representative Bill Fortune said. "We actually practiced a similar events just last fall with the county."

"We have many more (shelters) available should we need them," Fortune added.

The Bourgeois family said they were were very thankful for all the help that was given to them.

"When you find yourself in a situation, even when you tried to be prepared for it," Derrick said. "You can't really do it on your own. I needed a helping hand and this has been great."

"It really has been terrific," he added.

President Barack Obama will be in Colorado Springs on Friday to assess the damage.