Color Filled Saturday

After a long wait of anticipation, the Amarillo Color Run did not disappoint.

Around twelve thousand participants, who were all smiles, completed the 5K this morning.

The event was not only a fun paint extravaganza, but for a good cause.

Known as the happiest 5K on the planet, people from all over the Panhandle gathered to celebrate health, happiness, and individuality to support Womenâ??s Health research.

Amarillo race Director, Lance Duncan says, â??The color run is a 5K fun-run, non-timed and at every kilometer we have a different color zone. We've got volunteers that will throw color on you as you run!â??

The only rules for the race are to start in white and finish with splashes of color.

Runners say they participate for multiple reasons, but it was clear with all of the dancing and smiles that Saturday was a color crazy fun day.

The â??Too Boss for a Nameâ?? running team says they came to just have fun and enjoy being slathered in paint.

Color runners of all walks of life and ages were to be found having nothing short of a blast.

While many people had participated in the event before in different cities, some were new timers.

The â??No Stain, No Gainâ?? running team was made up of the Mote, Wood, and Baily families and they brought along a young new comer who says he loved it.

They say, â??We just came out here to be healthy and to get off the couch. Itâ??s a good start to the summer.â??

And start the summer in color they did!

The run finished off with a color festival at the finish line, where participants gathered to enjoy music and celebrate a good day's run while filling the sky with powder paint.

Duncan says, â??Amarillo has been more than amazing and everybody just really came together to help us put on a fantastic event. It's obvious everybody was excited for us to get here and we were excited to be here.â??

Proceeds from the Color Run will benefit the Laura W. Bush Institute.