Colleges are prepped for not so ready students

Area colleges and universities are gearing up for fall registration, but it appears that the schools may be better prepared than some of its students.

The latest numbers that show about half the state's students aren't ready to hit the books.

The dog days of summer and the sound of locusts will soon give way to the bell signaling student back to class over at Amarillo College. However, a new report by the Texas Higher Education Board shows that about half, less than one in two students meet the state's college readiness standards in math and verbal skills...number than have been dropping for about 5 years.

A-C started addressing the problem long ago and currently have additional learning opportunities for students who need a refresher or additional instruction, according to College President, Dr. Paul Matney.

"All of our students have to take a placement assessment, it assess their abilities in writing, math and reading and if they show a need of additional work there, we have a very dedicated faculty, in fact it's almost a ministry to them, to get those students ready."

Success is the end result accroding to Dr. Matney, and making sure any student that needs the help can find it helps to ensure that goal.

"We see those student's needs and we become very concerned and I can tell you here we are absolutley inspired by what is happening in our classrooms with our outstanding faculty and are making progress."

Students signing up say they've seen plenty of fellow graduates that may not be prepared...

"Yeah, and I think that they're not really ready and some don't want to put the time in or effort," noted Aimee McGlohon.

And that's exactly the student A-C hopes to help as they pursue their academic career.

A newly approved statewide placement-assessment test has been developed by the state's College Board to help determine students needs who fall below the benchmark scores.