College students spend Spring Break volunteering

Students from across the United States are spending their Spring Break in Amarillo to help Habitat for Humanity with various projects. The latest, a group from Saint Joseph's College in Indiana.

The large group of students have been staying at the Habitat for Humanity building and working on rebuilding and remodeling some of their houses this week. For the students, they say they'd give up a Spring Break party any day for the chance to give back.

The sound of hard work is ringing in North Amarillo as students work on a few Habitat for Humanity projects. From painting to staining, they're busy bees.

"We've been working on two different houses. So for the first day we went on a project and started finishing a house. We painted some cabinets and stained some, we put in flooring. Then the house we're at today we were at a second day we did demolition," said Campus Habitat Chapter President, Hanna Cane.

The group is from St. Joseph's College in Indiana. For several years they have been traveling to different cities while on Spring Break to do volunteer work.

"We just feel like we would rather spend our spring break doing good instead of laying on the beach and getting tans. I know everyone of us wake up every morning and its like getting up and going to work, its getting up and doing the right thing," said Cane.

The students have been staying at the Habitat for Humanity's building where in their basement they have games, a kitchen and all the comforts of home.

"Our houses are built completely by volunteers so, we wouldn't be able to get all this done without them and all of these kids that come and help," said Amarillo Habitat for Humanity, Sarah Curtis.

"The fact that we're able to get out and expand their horizon and just do good. We've learned since we've been here in Amarillo is an area of need so its great that we can be here just do whatever we can to help out local communities," said Campus Habitat Chapter Vice President, Kate Hickner.

Over the next few weeks, a college group from Manhattan and a high school group from Chicago will come to Amarillo and volunteer their time at Habitat.