Cold weather summons creepy crawlers into homes

Cold weather is putting bugs on the lookout for a warm winter home.

Now that temperatures are cooling down, insects and rodents are searching for a warm winter bed inside your house.

Bugs Burney Pest Control gets busy this time of year, as more people are having their homes sprayed.

"I've sprayed several houses where they've been bit by a brown recluse and brown recluse does a lot of damage," Bugs Burney Pest Control Owner Bruce Burney said. "So, they have it sprayed every month because they've experienced how deadly some insects can be."

Burney pointed out bugs bring diseases into the home with them and they can be harmful when they come into contact with humans.

"Just as the temperatures get cold, all the insects are trying to get shelter. So, if you can seal all your doorways and stuff that they just go underneath into your home, then you're going to be way better off."

Creepy crawlers can access a home through the smallest of cracks, and that is one of the first things Burney recommends homeowners check.

"You've got to look at your garage doors and make sure they have good seals on them," he said. "Go through the house and just check all the outer doors and make sure there's no openings towards the bottom. Or go around your whole house and look for your water pipes that come through, your heat and air lines that come through."

Other pests are looking to move in on you, as well- opossums, snakes, rats and mice. But Burney said there are precautions that can help to keep them away.

"You need to go out in your alley and make sure there's no tall weeds or no debris around your dumpsters. And make sure there's no holes underneath your fence where all kinds of varmints can come through there."

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