Cold Weather Forces Cancellation of Electric Light Parade

Now you have some extra time to trim the tree -- now that Amarillo's Electric Light Parade has been cancelled.

Sad news, parade lovers. The weather is to blame for the cancellation of an Amarillo tradition.

There will be no Electric Light Parade this Friday night, December 6.

Beth Duke from Center City tells me it's just going to be too cold. And she'd rather have people stay home and stay warm than spend that much time outside -- even though it's the first time in 18 years the parade has been nixed.

Both of us remember it was so cold at one parade recently, the ink in the judges' pens froze! But Beth says it's supposed to be even colder this year than it was that year.

That means a few other things associated with that evening are also cancelled.

There won't be an official City of Amarillo tree lighting.

And Santa Claus won't be there, either -- because he wants the kids to be safe, too.

If any of those events get back on the calendar, we'll make sure you know.