Coffee Memorial Blood Center signs contract

Health care reform is changing the face of America's medical community. For one thing, the Coffee Memorial Blood Center has had to put significant cost-cutting measures in place. Otherwise, they might not be able to compete with national blood supply groups who want to do business in the Amarillo area.

With that in mind, Friday, August 16, 2013 Coffee announced that, because they've cut costs, they have been able to sign a new three year contract with Northwest Texas Hospital.

"With health care reform today, there is a lot of stuff going on that nobody really understands and there are a lot of things to work out, but the one thing we do know is that hospital insurance, Medicare, and Medicade is going down," said Coffee CEO, Joe McCormick "Hospitals are under tremendous pressure to cut costs and we are helping them do that by cutting our costs in order to meet the need in the area and continue providing health services."

The contract allows Coffee to be Northwest's official blood services provider, after being a medical partner for 64 years.

Coffee officials say they look forward to continuing to provide a safe, adequate blood supply for patients in our area.

"We're just very happy to be able to continue partnering with Northwest Texas Hospital," said McCormick "They're a great partner. We have a great relationship. We always have and we're very pleased that we're going to be able to continue that."

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center provides services to 29 facilities and 31 counties in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.