Coffee Memorial asks for help with new bloodmobile

Coffee Memorial Blood Center is asking for your help to raise the money it needs for a new bloodmobile so it can help more of us.

The center says if it had a new bloodmobile, it could be sent on longer blood drives, while still helping in and around Amarillo.

The current bloodmobile helps coffee cover the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles, collecting blood for the entire region.

"We do have one bloodmobile, but it's nearing ten years old and about 100,000 miles, so it's time to replace that, add another one and eventually replace the current bloodmobile," said Julie Ontiveros, Director of Donor Recruitment and Development.

She says with such a large area to cover, a new bloodmobile would mean a more stable blood supply.

"Because we supply 32 medical facilities, we have to have a constant supply of blood and being able to go to where people are makes it more convenient for them to donate and it helps the blood supply be very continuous and stable when it's needed." "We have paint cans out in several retailers both locally in Amarillo and Canyon, and then out in the region as well. We're asking to put their change in there, cash to help towards our goal of $430,000."

The Blood Center will be seeking grants and individual donations, and using a new texting campaign, text the word BLOOD to 50555 and donate $10, to help pay for the bloodmobile, and if you're really in the giving mood, it's also running short on a few blood types.

"One of the current biggest need we have going into the holiday is the need for O negative blood, really most blood types but specifically O negative, B negative and A negative."

If would like to donate, here is a list of location:

Coffee Memorial Blood Center, 7500 Wallace Blvd, Buzula Furniture, All Donut Stop locations, Milan Institute, The Ruffled Cup.

Wolflin Merchants: Tobacco Leaf, The Loft, J Winstons, Top Notch Outfitters.

If you would like to be a "Coins for Coffee" sponsor by putting a coin collection can in your business, contact Julie Ontiveros at Coffee Memorial (806) 331-8853.