Co-workers, business pay bill for elderly woman's plumbing repair

Thanks to the employees of Coffee Memorial Blood Center and Mr. Rooter of Amarillo, an elderly woman has running water in her home for the first time in one month.

The woman came home last month to find a broken waterline in her yard. She could not make the total payment of the repair bill and instead scheduled several separate repair dates weeks apart. When her co-workers at the blood center heard about her predicament, they banded together to help her out and contacted Mr. Rooter.

"Co-workers where the customer volunteers had called to let us know they were helping to raise money because they understood cost was an issue for her," Mr. Rooter of Amarillo General Manager Brandy Waugh said, "and that was the first time we had actually realized why she had scheduled the call a few weeks away. And the more we investigated, we decided to see what we could do to help."

The owner of Mr. Rooter decided to match the total donations raised for the woman's plumbing bill, and after he made that call the donation count went from $500 to $800.

"It's more about the people than it is the plumbing and we don't just want to teach our code of values- we try to live by them," Waugh added. "We live and work in this community, as well, and if we can have the opportunity to help someone in need we're absolutely thrilled to do it."

According to Waugh, making the decision to help the woman was not a hard one once Mr. Rooter employees heard about the conditions the woman had been living in.

"That was kind of the clincher for us is when her co-workers told us that she had been using buckets to haul water. The day that I was able to call and let her know what everybody had been secretly doing to get this paid for, she said it had been a month that day that she had been using buckets."

As of Friday afternoon, the plumbing job was paid for and the woman's running water was completely restored. She said the first thing she wanted to do was take a long, hot bath and mop her floors.