Clovis mother blames school for son's chemical burn

Nellie Aragon's son came home on January 25th from Lincoln Jackson Pre-School with a second-degree burn to his inner thigh. He claims the burn came from an acid-based chemical used to clean the toilet seats of the boys restroom.

"I did have a hospital staff social worker that came and looked at my son's burn, she said that she had seen other children come in the hospital before with chemical burns from school toilet seats," says Aragon.

After a medical absence, Aragon decided to switch her son to a different school. He now attends Los Ninos Pre-School. It wasn't until after the switch that she was informed that all Clovis Municipal School District schools use the same cleaning products.

Clovis Municipal School District Superintendent, Terry Myles, says the district has conducted a thorough investigation regarding the incident. "We don't know how this happened, all we know is it's reported and alleged that it happened at school, says Myles.

The accusations have been met with skepticism. This is the first reported case of a chemical burn due to cleaning products within the school district. "To this point in our investigation we have not seen anything that causes us to believe that this would have happened in our schools".

Aragon wants to see the acid-based chemicals taken out of the schools. As of now, she has no plans to take legal action toward the school district.