Clovis baby giraffe has a name!

The contest to name the new baby giraffe over at the municipal zoo in Clovis has ended, and there has been a winner named.

Zoo officials received almost 150 entries to the name the daughter of Jael and Jay.

You'll recalled we told you Jay died just before she was born and her mother rejected her, so they wanted a name to reflect the baby giraffe's strength.

errica is the name that won and she's doing really well. I like the name..
knew it meant strong, but I didn't know it meant beautiful.
lus, it started with a "
" and he parents were Jay and Jael, so we kind of like that, too, so..." said Mark Ynannotti with the zoo.

Hillcrest zoo officials are hoping to debut baby Jerrica during spring break if the weather holds up.