Cleaning up Highland Park

This is what one of the classrooms looked the night the rain dumped 11 inches

It's been almost two weeks since the downpour in Amarillo area caused flooding across the Panhandle. One of the areas that was hit the hardest was Highland Park, 11 inches of rain dumped down in a short period of time, causing major flooding at the elementary school. That night students, faculty, staff, and community members came together in an effort to save the school.

Since that night the community has been working hard to get the school back in shape for the new school year. The past weeks have included a lot of back breaking work and cleanup, but they keep running into a few problems.

After it was all said and done, Highland Park staff and the community salvaged what they could from the flood. But after a deep clean, they noticed additional damages they would need to deal with.

"We found a lot of the walls that were sheet rock were having a problem with water wicking up on walls," said Superintendent Mike Brown.

As a result of that, they've had to cut about two feet of the wall along the baseboards, and tear out pipes that had wet insulation on them. They've also had problems with carpets, especially in the library.

"Most of the carpets are gone that were in this area of the building, they're just saturated to the point where it couldn't be cleaned and were starting to come up."

Brown and his staff understand that it will get worse before it gets better, but he also knows how bad things could have been if the community hadn't stepped up and helped out. And he says they'll continue to work all the way through August.

"August 23rd is the first day of school and as you see it looks bleak, as far as getting ready for that, and were going to work weekends whatever we need to do to get it done hopefully for students when they arrive."

Brown and his staff will have a better assessment of the school Wednesday night after they meet with the insurance company during their school board meeting.