Claude 2nd graders run their own business

We all remember the math and economics classes we had in school.

But one school is going a step further to teach those lessons. It has students running a store, and they're learning a lot more in the process.

Second graders at Claude Elementary School got the chance to come up with products to sell, and then sell them to younger students, parents and teachers.

Pronews 7 is featuring the students in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

Shoppers at the second graders grand opening had quite a variety of products to choose from, cookies, lemonade, clips, puppets, rings, painted rocks, and photos.

"They had to first of all come up with what it is they wanted to produce and they had to produce it, create it, and work out any kinks



said Tinia Adams, Second Grade Teacher.

But this was not just about having fun, the students are also learning the economics of running a business, from being a producer to a consumer.

"We have learned about producers and consumers and goods and services and so we end our unit with second grade store.

This is the way they learn about income and how they are going to earn their money and then what bills they have to pay



said Joyce Grange, Second Grade Teacher.

"They have to pay rent, where they want to set up their shop. They have to pay for their desk that they're going to have their table for their shops, they have to pay for every item that they use



said Adams.

The students say they've been looking forward to the second grade store all year, remembering it from when they were the shoppers last year.