Clarendon High School students give back in the Panhandle Spirit

'Tis the season of giving, so that's what a group of Clarendon High School students are doing. They're giving back to their community in a big way.

The group is the Family Community Service Class at Clarendon High School, and they have a common goal, to make a difference in their community. In fact, they're spending their semester developing meaningful projects to do just that.

"We start with this planning process, paper which is the hardest part, you have to plan everything out like before you even get started," said Anna Ceniceros, Clarendon High School Senior.

Some of those projects, hosting a bake sale to raise profits for the Donley County Senior Citizens Center, and Haleighs Haven. The students also hosting a veteran meal, even going a little green with a beautification project at the high school and setting up recycle bins at Clarendon College. Setting up a nutrition and health program for the second grade, blood drive, and a coat drive for Faith City Ministries.

"We just kind of decided to do coats since its fixing to be cold and so we figured since the little kids might not have jackets we could donate some," said McKayla Cartwright, Clarendon High School Senior.

"I did the veterans dinner which is a lot of fun I like to be able to give back to them because they do so much for us," said Sarah Bryant, Clarendon High School Senior.

"It makes me feel awesome, like actually sacrificing stuff and with our coat drive I was able to give my own coats, " said Jacy Hill, Clarendon High School Junior.

Each student saying they're looking forward to giving back for the remaining school year and asking you, in the Panhandle Spirit, to give back as well.

"It's a great feeling to be able to give back and people who don't know what that feels like should really do it," said Bryant.

Right now, the students are brain storming and trying to develop a way to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.