Clarendon College receives $2.25 million for nursing program


College received a federal grant of $2.25 million for the registered nursing program.


hey were one of
33 in the U.S. to receive the grants and also only one of two in Texas.

"(we are) very fortunate to have received... Not only such a grant but also able to have such a large grant," said Phil Shirley, president of Clarendon College.

The money will go towards classes and equipment. The new equipment, such as mannequins, will allow students to be more hands on in their learning.

Dean of Students, Tex Buckhaul, said the grant was targeted towards a specific purpose.



any of our students, over a third of them, live in poverty and nearly
72 percent are receiving financial aid. Through life commitments, and life commitments, they weren't doing well," Buckhaul said.

To help these students succeed, the grant will make supplemental instruction available on their time frame. They also will have seven online classes so students can work in their time frame.

The one year process came to an end in September. Classes start in January 2014.

"It is virtually the difference between night and day. It's the difference between success and lack of success," Shirley said.