Clarendon City Hall said to be â??dysfunctionalâ??

The Texas Attorney General has informed the City of Clarendon they may meet despite the resignations of three Aldermen in the last few days.

The City says the Mayor, the City Secretary and the two remaining Aldermen can meet and plan without breaking Open Meetings Act law.

They say they intend to do short-term planning and to draft a budget for fiscal year 2014.

Newly elected Alderman Sandy Skelton says, "We just canâ??t take any official action until the new members are elected and sworn in, which, hopefully will be late September, if the Governor comes through with that permission."

The City has sent a request to the Governor to allow them to hold a special election in September.

Earlier reports suggested newly elected and just resigned Alderman, Debbie Roberts, resigned for personal reasons.

Roberts disputes the claim. She says she resigned because of what she says is "a lack of integrity out of City Hall."

Skelton says the Council meetings have been "problematic. Itâ??s been difficult in most of the meetings. I would say Iâ??ve been observing City Council meetings for the past seven months and in my personal opinion, they were somewhat dysfunctional in that some of the Aldermen didnâ??t seem to understand what their primary roles were."

Roberts disagrees. She says, "We understood the roles weâ??ve been expected to play in the City Council. However, it appears City Hall does not understand the role of the City Council and thatâ??s where a lot of the problem lies."